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Search Engine Submissions and Search Engine Optimization

FCM Search Engine Submissions and Search Engine Optimization ensure that
your Web Site is continuously ranked higher in the Search Engines' results.
This means more customers for you.

Understanding the difference between SES (Search Engine Submissions)and SEO (Search Engine Optimization)?

Regularly scheduled Search Engine Submissions of your site are necessary to ensure that your web site is ranked high in the Search Engines' databases. Search Engines regularly clean and delete their indexes, removing web sites that have not been resubmitted to them on a regular basis. It is the site owner's responsibility to resubmit their site so the search engines will continue to include their site. FCM's submission program ensures that your site continues to be included by the search engines and consistently achieves higher rankings.

The greater the frequency of resubmission to the search engines, the greater the probability of a continuous listing and enhanced traffic to your site. Having the "best" web site possible does nothing for your business without traffic. It's like putting up a billboard in the middle of the desert. No one sees it! The most effective way to ensure traffic is to have your site ranked high on the major search engines.

One of the keys to having your Web Site rank high on the Search Engines, Directories and Indexes is the proper use of Meta tags. Meta tag keys words are the words located in the source code of your site that the search engines use to find and rank web sites. FCM understands the rules the search engines use for ranking web sites. We have the necessary expertise to develop the best key words for your site. FCM will review your site's Meta tags and make improvements (or create Meta tags if your site does not have them) to provide high rankings.

Meta tag review and enhancement, title, description and submission set up    $250.00*
Major Search Engine submissions (website submitted each month)    $599.00*

(above prices may vary depending upon needs of the website - call for qoute)

SEO (Search engine optimization) is creating a balanced approach to the visual and textual parts of your website. SEO works to make your site easy to navigate for visitors and when being indexed by the search engines. SEO ensures that the content on the site is relevant and contains enough keywords and enough information content to ensure that the search engines will index your site and give it a favorable ranking.

Poor site design can lead to a collapse of your web site due to lack of search engine structural elements. Such things as badly implemented interior link structure, injudicious use of javascript and embedded "Flash" movies can seriously hamper the ability of a search engine to "understand" and rank your pages for relevancy. Lack of text or text placed as images is probably the biggest detriment to Search Engines understanding the content of your site, and the most common error by webmasters more concerned with visual presentation than Search Engine Rankings.

The FCM Search Engine Optimization Program is everything you'll ever need to improve your Internet Marketing Message. We take the time to understand your business, your products, and the reason people should be doing business with you vs. your competition. We then craft a website marketing message that conveys this, all the while staying within the required search engine parameters.

Marketing message review and re-write, to include necessary key phrases starts at $100 per page, call for quote.

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